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About Us

Air Vizion Technologies® founder Rick Cooper has been in and around trucking his entire career. Being naturally curious, Rick spent hours listening to and gaining an understanding of issues that cause drivers frustration while on the road. A frequent frustration was when it rains, water drops form on side view mirrors impairing driver visibility creating dangerous conditions while changing lanes, merging into traffic or backing up.

Rick became interested in the driver visibility issue, and spent several years developing, trialing and perfecting the Air Vizion Technologies® mirror clearing system. By 2005 the product was ready for market and Air Vizion Technologies® became a reality. Air Vizion Technologies® is a privately held company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and continues to operate out of Rick’s passion to provide easy to use, high quality products that improve transportation safety and the driver experience.

To contact Air Vizion Technologies®:

Email: or
Phone: 1-888-UCCLEAR (1-888-822-5327)
Address: Air Vizion Technologies® LLC
2625 Piedmont Road, Suite 56-145
Atlanta, GA 30324

Intellectual property around Air Vizion Technologies® mirror clearing systems is patent protected under U.S. Patent #7,140,740. Air Vizion Technologies® and the Air Vizion Logo are registered trademarks of Air Vizion Technologies, LLC.