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Improving driver visibility and commercial vehicle safety is our business at Air Vizion Technologies®.

During rainy weather water can accumulate on vehicle side view mirrors seriously impairing visibility increasing risk to drivers, other motorists and damage to property and equipment. Air Vizion Technologies® is the solution, offering the only on mirror clearing system that easily and effectively removes rain from vehicle side view mirrors.

And now, Air Vizion offers its patent pending rear view camera clearing system eliminating poor visibility due to water accumulation on rear-view camera lenses.

Both, the Air Vizion Technologies® mirror and camera clearing systems are operated from the vehicle cab, and with the simple flip of a switch clear away side view mirrors are cleared of rain by a burst of compressed air delivered to the mirror surface. The system is compatible with any commercial vehicle with a secondary compressed air system.

Air Vizion Technologies® was founded in 2007 by Rick Cooper, a career professional in the trucking industry, and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The company was born out of Rick’s passion to provide easy to use, high quality products that improve transportation safety and the driver experience.